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2nd annual Cranbrook Bucks Rookie camp underway

The Cranbrook Bucks will look to add some talent as the 2nd annual rookie camp is underway.

Head coach of the U18 team, Conner Mcluckie said the camp has been competitive already.

“There’s been some kids out here that are really making our jobs difficult, which is good to see that the competition is there and looking to see who can shine in the last ice time.”

Mcluckie said having a league like the BCHL in Cranbrook creates a lot more opportunities for players to get noticed.

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“I think it gives the kids something to shoot for, high competitive hockey in their hometown. It gets scouts out here to look at them and see if they are ready to make the next jump,” added Mcluckie.

Head coach for the U15 team, Dean Kletzel said the young players have also been making an impact during the camp.

“We’ve got a real good group of U15 kids this year, everyone has been putting in a real solid effort and making the coaches’ job a little bit tougher in trying to select this team.”

It’s not only the players being evaluated but the coaches helping out as well.

“Getting to coach something like this is a good stepping stone. Having the Bucks here gets your name out there and they can look at you and see if you’re a right fit moving forward,” said Mcluckie.

Last year, 40 players competed in the rookie camp with seven players earning roster spots and four players earning affiliate positions.

The seven players who earned roster spots were Quaid Anderson, Cam Reid, Nathan Fox, Jarrod Smith, Hayden Gelbard, Tyson Dyck and Cameron Kungle.

The BCHL preseason is scheduled to begin on September 19th, 2021.

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