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Candidate profile: Rob Morrison looks to keep MP position

Incumbent Rob Morrison is looking to retain his spot as Kootenay-Columbia MP for the Conservative Party in the 2021 Federal Election with a platform focused on economic recovery.

Morrison was originally elected into office during the 2019 election, winning 45.1% of the votes.

He and the Conservatives said they are running on a platform focusing on economic recovery.

“We feel it’s important that we get out there and especially support our small businesses and those that have been affected so hard by the COVID health crisis that we’re going through,” said Morrison.

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Morrison pointed out that he feels seniors are a particular group that needs support from the government.

“We know with the inflation rate and for example, the price of fuel and groceries, that seniors have been left behind. We know it’s really time to start investing and to start treating our seniors with the respect we should be giving. That means providing them with medical, dental, pharmaceuticals for all of their prescriptions. Maybe it’s time we start looking at things like CPP being tax-free so we can give them increases in their old-age pension,” explained Morrison.

The Conservative candidate said government accountability, mental healthcare, tackling the overdose crisis and investing in cleaner energy are some other platforms he is passionate about in his campaign.

Morrison feels that the federal government should take a different approach to rural and urban areas of the country, to better fit their needs.

“For us, we need to drive over 100 kilometres a lot of the time for work. We have this urban mentality on, for example, firearms, we out here hunt, we eat what we shoot and use it to feed our families,” explained Morrison. “I think one big issue is to have an awareness of where we sit, being a rural area.”

Morrison spoke of his first term in office, which began shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the world.

“We have responded to thousands of calls for help, whether it was initially with helping people get back to Canada. After that, it was getting people on CERB and some of our businesses on the CEBA,” said Morrison. “We’ve been there and our success rate has been fantastic.”

Election day for the 2021 campaign is scheduled for Monday, September 20th.

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