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First confirmed rabies death in B.C. in 18 years; A week of events kicks off the golden anniversary of Apollo 11 mission

B.C. man succumbs to rabies infection 

Health officials reminded people to consult a doctor immediately if they come into contact with a bat after a man died of rabies. It is the first confirmed death from the disease in B.C. in over 15 years. A health officer with the province said the man contracted it on Vancouver Island, but bats across Canada carry rabies.

Buzz Aldrin a surprise no show at moon landing commemoration 

A week of celebrations started today, which marks the golden anniversary of the first time man landed on the moon. Michael Collins was the third astronaut on the Apollo 11 mission and was present at the Kennedy Space station where he took off 50 years ago. Buzz Aldrin, the second man to step on the moon’s surface, was a surprise no show.

Backlash of Trump Tweet is exactly what President wanted, says strategists 

While many people are up in arms regarding Donald Trump’s latest Tweets, some believe the U.S. President is accomplishing exactly what he set out to. According to the CBC, Republican strategists say Trump has made the Democratic Party look like radical lefts by forcing them to unite behind the four congresswomen of colour the Tweet was directed at.

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