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“Pandemic puppies” may lead to longer wait times for vet care

With more people getting puppies during the pandemic, a local veterinaty manager warns that appointment wait times may increase.

Veterinary practice manager at Tanglefoot, Jeff Cooper said the demand for vet services is far exceeding what’s available in the East Kootenay.

“If you’re making appointments, call in soon and expect to have delays the way you would for a medical appointment or dental appointment,” said Cooper.

Cooper said increased wait times will not affect urgent care, as they hold certain spots every day for important appointments and have a 24-hour urgent care centre. In certain cases, appointments may need to be moved.

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“For those who have appointments and have to get bumped, there’s generally a very good reason for it, there’s been a dog hit by a car or a much more urgent case,” added Cooper.

Another issue Cooper brought up is the socialization dogs need as parents return to work and kids return to school.

Cooper said every breed is different and owners should talk with their vet to decide a plan.

“I would encourage people to look that up and it can vary according to breed. If you do have a veterinary appointment feel free to speak to your veterinarian about that to find the best way to manage that transition back to work”

Unfortunately, many dogs may be given to the SPCA as families may no longer be able to care for them.

“Unfortunately there are some that decide that what they thought would be a great puppy to snuggle is too much work and they end up giving them up,” said Cooper. “We’ll see what comes in the coming months but there may be a bunch of puppies the SPCA is trying to rehome.”

Cooper asks that people be patient with staff and appreciate all the support they have gotten.

Below is the full interview with Cooper.

Dennis Walker’s Interview with veterinary practice manager at Tanglefoot, Jeff Cooper:

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