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Provincial program to help B.C. farmers

The B.C. government is launching the Regenerative Agriculture and Agritech Network (RAAN) to help farmers adopt the latest technology.

Provincial officials said the program will help farmers increase profits and environmental sustainability and also strengthen the provincial food system.

Regenerative Agriculture and Agritech Network Goal

– Increase farm profitability and employment opportunities
– Strengthen the provincial food system and increase the amount of food produced
– improve the environmental sustainability of farming
– reduce greenhouse gas emissions and sequester carbon

“We are working to help farmers harness the latest and best in agri-technology, so farms can adopt or expand regenerative farming practices that are good for the environment and respond to the long-term challenge of climate change,” said Lana Popham, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries.

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“I’m excited to bring everyone together for our RegenBC conference, so we can hear the various experiences and success stories involving regenerative practices and agri-tech and learn more about how they can fit into the future of farming in B.C.”

Government officials said the program will also support innovation in B.C.’s growing agri-tech sector. Companies like Terramera will be supported. The province said Terramera is a B.C.-based agri-tech company that developed machine-visioning software and other advanced technologies to make agriculture more productive, sustainable and regenerative.

The RANN will help companies like Terramera form connections with farmers and bring them new opportunities.

“Through climate-smart regenerative agriculture, we have a remarkable opportunity to support farmers and bring together solutions inspired by science, technology and farming traditions to address local food security, nutrition, farm profits, resiliency and climate change,” said Karn Manhas, founder and CEO, Terramera.

“I am excited about the opportunity the RAAN can create for farmers, rural communities and agri-tech companies, like Terramera, to come together to create jobs and economic growth while turning back the clock on climate change.”

To help inform farmers about the establishment of the RAAN, the province will be hosting a virtual agriculture and agri-tech conference. The conference will feature guest speakers and presentations from local and international experts and will run from September 28th-30th.

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