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City of Kimberley to begin repaving roads

Starting in July, repaving will begin on some Kimberley roads.

City officials said after a strong bid, the City of Kimberley awarded Terus Construction Ltd. the contract for paving priority roads.

According to city officials, the bid will only cost Kimberley $338,947.61 and leave $122,703 remaining in the yearly budget.

“It was a bit of a surprise for us this year, the successful bidder was very aggressive in their bidding, so we got some very good pricing on asphalt paving this year,” said Chris Mummery, senior manager of operations for the City of Kimberley. “With what we thought was going to be spent on the budget and what savings came in, we’re certainly looking to add some locations.”

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Below is a list of the City’s top priority paving projects for the summer.

• 303rd Ave. (300 block between 304th St. & 303rd Ave.)
• 307th Ave. (Between 304th St. & 305th St.)
• 303rd St. (400 block between 304 Ave. & 305th Ave.)
• 301A St.(400 block between 301st St. & 305th Ave.)
• Montgomery Ave. (Between Higgins St. & Ritchie St.)
• Lindsay St. (300 Block, width extension toward playfield)
• Bingay St. (Between Wallinger Ave. and Wallinger East Ave.)
• Swan Ave. hill (From Diamond St. downhill 120m to the north)
• McDougal Crescent

Other locations may be added later in the summer thanks to the extra funds left over.

“We’ve already been looking around at some locations that we think will be very good priority spots to catch if we don’t use too much of this money in any unexpected costs,” said Mummery.

Work on the roads is expected to begin in July with the paving scheduled to be completed by September 24th, 2021.

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