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Food conditioned black bear spotted in Marysville

Residents are reminded to be cautious after a black bear has been spotted in Marysville.

WildSafeBC is warning the community about the bear sighting, noting that the bear has been conditioned to eat garbage.

Keeping garbage indoors or in a secure location is an important part in deterring bears and other wildlife.

“For the most part the bear is driven by its insatiable appetite – mainly because of their need to put on about 30% of their post hibernation body weight to make it through the next winter’s sleep,” said WildSafeBC officials.

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Kimberley’s solid waste bylaw requires residents to keep garbage secure until collection day, as to attract less wildlife.

That said, it is not always a guaranteed solution.

“Bears also can get into your garbage the day of collection – so please, if you have any extra smelly waste, freeze it or take it to the transfer station as soon as possible,” said officials with WildSafe.

With warmer weather, garbage will heat up and give off more of a smell, which animals can pick up from further away.

Officials also noted that garbage is the number one attractant cited in bear reports.

Encounters with bears and other wildlife can be reported to the Conservation Officer Service RAPP line at 1-877-952-7277.

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