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New fishing tournament set to hit Moyie Lake waters

The 1st Annual Moyie Lake Classic Fishing Tournament will begin on Friday, June 18th at 6:00 a.m. and runs for ten days.

The event is an online tournament that uses the fishing app MyCatch. Anglers will be able to win cash prizes, depending on the size of fish they catch.

Guy Kodila, event organizer and owner of Moyie Marine said they came up with the online fishing derby to have people outdoors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We did a Rainbow fishing tournament last summer at Kootenay Lake and that’s where we were exposed to the MyCatch app and we thought it was something we could do here,” said Kodila. “I think the reason we did it was because of the whole pandemic. We wanted something for people to do to get themselves outside, get their boats in the water and get their kids fishing.”

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The MyCatch app allows people to submit pictures of fish they catch with measurements and the app will automatically update tournament leaderboards.

Kodila encourages kids to come out and try fishing, even if it’s just to help their grandparents.

“People that are new to fishing, it’s a great opportunity especially if they’re kids. We have a youth department, so for $5 they can enter the derby,” added Kodila. “The derby is run through the MyCatch app and the young people are pretty fluent with their phones. Maybe the kids want to come out and help their Grandpa who doesn’t know how to use the app, but the kids sure do. I think it would be a perfect time to introduce people to fishing.”

According to Kodila, the app will use a GPS tracking device to monitor where the fish are being caught. He said none of the information will be shown to the public, so anglers shouldn’t be worried about losing their “secret fishing spots.”

Kodila said even though the tournament starts on June 18th people can register at any time during the derby. The Tournament costs $25 for adults (age 16 and up) and $5 for youth (age 15 and under).

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**Story by Josiah Spyker**

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