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Wide Open Spaces Trail Ride Spring 2021

Wide Open Spaces trail ride on a beautiful spring morning where the cloudy sky turned to blue up in the Gold Creek area. Patti Pukas hosting the rides is very information and puts a full focus on making sure novice riders are comfortable. She knows the area so well. The setting is gorgeous. My riding partner was Annie Morrison from Wardner. The audio begins with us leaving the stable with Patti describing what’s ahead. You’ll hear the sound of the horses hoofs as they take us through the upper levels of Joseph Creek. Following the ride, comments from both Annie and Patti. Thank You so very much for the memorable experience Patti.

All trail rides are kept at a relaxed & comfortable pace for those who have never ridden before                          All trails are easy going

Our rides are great for families, single parents, friends & small private groups wanting to do something fun & adventurous together.

Rides can be for 1 person to 4 people at one time.

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Choose from a  hour or a  hour & half long ride

If you are feeling really adventurous you can request for 2 hours in the saddle

Winter rides are a hour long & based on weather & footing permitting

Some of our scenic trail systems includes Look Out trail which gives you a view of Cranbrook  or Coyote trail were we cross Joseph Creek riding were we have views of all the mountain ranges around the Cranbrook area.

 NO children under the age of 6 or doubling on one horse (not permitted) children aged 6 will be lead on their own pony

Riding helmets provided

All rides must be previously book , no drop ins

Cost for hour $50

Hour & half (90mins) ride $55 per person

Two hour long ride $60 per. person

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