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Sparwood installs public access defibrillator

Sparwood residents will have access to a new piece of medical equipment that can guide its users through a possibly life-saving procedure.

A defibrillator, dubbed the SaveStation, has been installed by workers with the District of Sparwood behind the centrally located Leisure Centre building.

The device is an accessible, outdoor Automated External Defibrillator (AED), designed to deliver a potentially life-saving shock to those going through cardiac arrest.

Sparwood officials said the device is fully weatherproof, temperature-controlled, remotely monitored and will provide voice commands when it is being used.

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Upon opening the cabinet, a visual and audible alert will sound and a built-in camera will take a picture, to help prevent theft.

“While AEDs are generally accessible in public spaces, for example, within the Leisure Center and the Municipal Office, access to these devices is restricted when the buildings close. This SaveStation was placed in an area that is central to where activity occurs in Sparwood,” said Mayor David Wilks. “Its location, next to the washrooms at the Spray Park is surrounded by sports fields, courts, parks, and in an area where many community events often take place. So many of us are impacted by sudden cardiac arrest, and when someone is in distress, every minute matters.”

The community’s new piece of equipment was funded by a grant from Canadian Pacific Rail’s (CP) CPHas a Heart Community Fund Grant, which was facilitated through Cardiac Safe Communities.

Videos on how to use the AED will be distributed throughout the community to teach residents how to use the device.

Even with the added defibrillator, those at the scene of an emergency should still contact 9-1-1.

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