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Water Quality Advisory issued in Kimberley

A Water Quality Advisory has been issued to all water users of the City of Kimberley’s water supply after increased turbidity has been detected.

The City said recent testing shows the water quality has dropped to “fair” due to the increased cloudiness (turbidity).

During the spring run-off (freshet), water entering Kimberley’s system may cause this turbidity, and it has been rising most recently due to the warm weather.

Generally, water with higher turbidity levels has a higher health risk when drinking.

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“Contaminants such as viruses, bacteria and parasites can attach themselves to the suspended particles in turbid water. These particles can then interfere with disinfection, limiting chlorine’s ability to remove or inactivate the contaminants,” said the City of Kimberley.

Water is considered good when turbidity levels are less than 1 NTU, fair when between 1 to 5 NTU and poor when greater than 5 NTU. Kimberley’s current level has surpassed 1 NTU.

Children, the elderly, people with weakened immune systems and anyone seeking additional protection is recommended to drink boiled water or a safe alternative.

For those at-risk populations, water intended for drinking, washing fruits and vegetables, making juice or ice, or brushing teeth should be boiled for one minute.

After boiling, the water can be stored in a clean, covered container in a refrigerator. Residents may also use bottled or distilled water, or water that has been filtered through a well-maintained treatment device.

Owners of public facilities are also required to post Water Quality Advisories at all sinks or drinking water fountains accessible to the public, clientele may also be advised verbally when the opportunity arises.

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