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Kimberley launches short-term rental survey

The City of Kimberley is looking for input on the community’s short-term rental situation to help update its regulations.

Kimberley said it is looking for input from both residents and operators of short-term rentals.

“Short-term rentals are a key part of Kimberley’s robust tourism economy. Recent growth in the number of short-term rental operators in single or two-family homes, townhomes, or apartment units have amplified the need to update policies around these types of tourist accommodation,” said the City of Kimberley.

The updated regulations will help to ensure operators provide safe stays for tourists and minimize impacts to neighbours and the housing supply.

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“Some municipalities in British Columbia have put a complete ban on short-term rentals and others allow them unconditionally. Most, including Kimberley, are striving to find a balance between these extremes to best realize the benefits while managing risks. Before drafting new short-term rental regulations, we need to ensure we understand the perspectives and concerns of Kimberley’s residents and short-term rental operators. By completing this survey, you will be helping to shape our short-term rental policy direction,” said Troy Pollock, Manager of Planning and Sustainability.

Residents have until June 14th to complete the survey, a link can be found below.

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