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Impaired Drivers Removed From Road in Kimberley

Kimberley RCMP recently removed two impaired drivers from the road, one found speeding at 125 km/h, the other thinking he was in Invermere.

RCMP said both incidents “created a significant risk to themselves and others” after being found impaired behind the wheel.

The first incident occurred back on Saturday, September 7th, as RCMP received a report of a driver near the police station.

Sgt. Chris Newel said officers found the vehicle running with its signal light on and blinking.

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“He was actually passed out at the time,” added Newel. “Members were able to get a response out of him and asked him for his driver’s license, he wasn’t very coherent, gave them another card, wasn’t even a driver’s license at all.”

When RCMP asked the man where he was going, the driver responded saying “Invermere”, when asked where he lived, the man replied, “Invermere, just a few blocks away”.

Unaware that he was in a residential area in Kimberley, RCMP collected two breath samples from the man, both of which were a “Fail”. RCMP impounded his vehicle for 30 days and issued a 90-day driving prohibition as a result.

The second incident occurred in the early morning hours on Tuesday, September 10th where an officer stopped a speeder on Highway 95A near the Forest Crowne exit.

“It was about 3:00 o’clock in the morning, an officer picked up a speeder doing 125 km/h, I mean that speed is significant in any situation, nevermind 3:00 o’clock in the morning in an 80 zone,” said Newel.

Noting signs of alcohol consumption, RCMP obtained two breath samples from the woman, both of which produced a “Fail” reading.

“Here we are, a person is operating a vehicle while impaired, doing well over the posted speed limit, and in addition, that driver was already prohibited from driving, now we don’t know circumstances by that, but now faces a court date for driving while suspended.”

The woman was also issued a 90-day driving prohibition, her vehicle was impounded for 30 days, while also getting an excessive speeding ticket from the police officer.

Newel said in both cases, the drivers posed a significant risk to the community and that the consequences of their actions could have been far worse.

Newel told that road safety is one of Kimberley’s annual RCMP priorities. Monitoring year-round, Kimberley RCMP does consistent road checks, vehicle checks, and utilize the volunteer Speed Watch group.

“We take calls from people on potential impaired drivers and we try to respond to those as best as we can,” said Newel. “Sometimes the officers are engaged in another investigation or sometimes they’re maybe not close by where they’re able to immediately respond, the driver could be gone by the time they get there but we do take those calls seriously and we do follow up as best as we can on those. Often times like this one, where the driver was passed out, that was as a result of a call for service.”

“Traffic Checks are to improve road safety, and at the same time, we’re continually watching for impaired drivers,” added Newel.

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