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B.C.’s jobless rate edges up; Atlantic Canada braces for Hurricane Dorian

More people looking for work in B.C.

The unemployment rate in B.C. last month was 5-percent compared to 4.4-percent the month before.  The Canadian economy added 81,000 jobs last month.  The jobs were mostly part-time in the service sector and filled by young workers. The national unemployment rate stayed at 5.7 percent because more people were looking for work.

Dorian moves north to Eastern provinces

Dorian continues to lumber up the American eastern seaboard heading for Atlantic Canada.  The storm is expected to hit Nova Scotia Saturday afternoon as either a Category 1 hurricane or tropical storm.  While, Nova Scotia is expected to get the brunt of Dorian, New Brunswick and PEI aren’t off the hook with tropical storm force winds and heavy rain forecast.  Dorian is currently hammering North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

Suspect’s father was “very emotional”

After hiring a lawyer and going to court the father of one of the B.C. murder suspects has watched the video of his son’s last will and testament.  Alan Schmegelsky was not among family members that were allowed to view the video that his son Bryer and Kam McLeod shot outlining their last wishes, including what they wanted done with their remains.  The childhood friends are suspected of killing three people in northern B.C.

Max 8’s will be out of service until early next year

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If you had plans to travel for the holidays, you may have a hard time getting a seat on a plane.  All of Canada’s major airlines have announced that they are keeping Boeing 737 Max 8 planes grounded until at least early 2020.  The jets were pulled out of service worldwide after two fatal crashes.

Long-time controversial leader dead at 95

Robert Mugabe, the former leader of Zimbabwe, is dead.  Mugabe ruled the nation for 37-years and was forced to resign in 2017 because of economic turmoil, disputed elections and human rights violations.  He was 95.

Britain PM to take another swing at election vote

Opposition parties in Britain are meeting today to decide if they will back the PM’s call for a snap election.  Boris Johnson lost the vote earlier this week but is planning to try again on Monday.  Opposition parties want to make sure that Britain has an agreement to leave the European Union and Johnson is pushing for a no-deal Brexit.

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