Ranging from shoppers not wearing masks, international travellers not quarantining at their residence, or large gatherings at private residences, Elk Valley RCMP said they’ve received a variety of calls.

According to Elk Valley RCMP, they have gotten 10 complaints of non-compliance with Provincial Health Orders and the federal Quarantine Act since January 15th.

“In some of these instances, the alleged offenders had moved on before officers attended the location, and in others, officers spoke with the people and provided guidance and warnings,” said RCMP.

Police said they will attempt to get voluntary compliance with the various health orders but can still utilize the fines if necessary, ranging from $230 for those that don’t wear a mask in a public indoor space, up to $2,300 for organizers of a “non-compliance event” inside a home.

“Like much of the public, the Elk Valley RCMP have observed an increase in stress and frustration arising from the ongoing pandemic and its related health orders, however there have not been any reported disturbances due to enforcement.”

RCMP said that most people have been compliant with the health orders and regulations as they continue to encourage the community to follow the guidelines.

“Let’s keep the Elk Valley safe together,” concluded police.