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Ximen Mining Corp. acquires Running Wolf gold property near Cranbrook

The Running Wolf gold property lies in the so-called “Cranbrook Gold Belt” or “Kimberley Gold Trend” as Ximen Mining Corp. announced the acquisition of the 860-hectare property.

Ximen also owns the Quartz Mountain property, adjacent to Running Wolf.

“Ximen considers the Running Wolf acquisition as a significant addition to its holdings in the Cranbrook Gold Belt. Future work will focus on expanding the areas of known gold mineralization and related fault/shear structures, and exploration for additional lode or disseminated gold deposits,” said the mining company in a press release.

In 2020, Ximen acquired the Quartz Mountain property, which spanned 2,361 hectares and included 58 claims. The Running Wolf property is 860 hectares with 10 mineral claims.

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Both properties are within the Cranbrook Gold Belt, a historically fertile area for minerals. Ximen said the area extends from the Northern Hughes Range over the Rocky Mountain Trench into the western portion of the Purcell Mountains.

“Alluvial gold placer mining is estimated to have recovered 10 million oz. of gold from streams in the East Kootenay area centred on Quartz Mountain since discovery of gold in 1864, and mining has continued since. Exploration for lode gold sources to the alluvial placers has been ongoing for a century.”

The Kimberley Gold Trend showing Ximen Mining’s Quartz Mountain and Running Wolf properties, which were acquired by the company in 2020 and 2021. (Supplied by Ximen Mining Corp.)

Ximen’s acquisition of the Running Wolf property encompasses three-known mineral occurrences.

The Rome and Valley mineral occurrence includes two or more large quartz veins that contain pyrite and galena, while another gold vein has been traced 470 metres deep, with samples indicating there to be 1.08 to 19.55 grams per tonne of gold.

The Running Wolf mineral occurrence has five historical access points, called adits. Ximen said the main adit has three veins, each approximately 10 metres wide.

“Surface grab samples of the vein are reported to assay up to 35.0 grams per tonne gold.”

The final mineral occurrence, called the Gold occurrence by Ximen Mining has garnered reports of 2.0 grams per tonne of gold in sheared quartzite and 0.24 grams per tonne of gold in quartz phyllite from that alteration zone. It’s the closest mineral occurrence to Quartz Mountain of the three.

Despite Ximen Mining Corp.’s acquisition of Running Wolf, adding to their Quartz Mountain acquisition from 2020, there is no firm timeline as to when they may start to extract ore on the property and being pulling gold and other minerals found at the various veins.

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