Back in the fall of 2020, the City of Kimberley started to gather information to develop an Active Transportation Network Plan (ATNP) for the community.

Following 75 recommendations, a draft version of the ATNP is now available for final review by the public for potential adoption by Kimberley City Council.

“The plan will guide decision making around ways to improve walking, cycling and other modes of active transport in our community,” said the City.

The community is encouraged to review the plan and submit their feedback to the municipality prior to February 17, 2021.

MORE: Kimberley’s Active Transportation Network Plan (City of Kimberley)

“Recommendations are separated into several categories including amenities, advocacy, infrastructure, policy, and service and operations improvements,” said the City. “Each category has several tactics that can be undertaken to improve residents and visitors ability to get around using active transport.”

Some of the priority projects included in the ATNP are newly paved multi-use paths, cycling lanes, and sidewalks throughout the community.

The list of high priority projects are as follows:

  • Paved Multi-Use Pathway
    • From Giegerich Road to 4th Ave and Rossland Blvd Intersection
      • $115,900
    • From 106th Ave to 103rd Ave along Knighton Road Med-Term High
      • $401,700
  • Grade/barrier Separated Multi-Use Pathway
    • From NorthStar Rails to Trails to 313th Drive on Jim Ogilvie Way
      • $360,000
  • Cycling Lanes
    • From Gerry Sorensen Way to Nordic Center
      • $692,900
    • From the end of Rails to Trails to Platzl
      • $258,300
    • Sections or entirety of Rotary Drive
      • $75,600
  • Sidewalks
    • From Marysville Elementary school to multi-use pathway along 309th Street
      • $97,200
    • From Marsden Street to Rotary Drive
      • $267,300
    • From Platzl to Townsite Trail
      • $186,300
    • From 304th Street west of 303rd Ave to the bridge
      • $32,400

Public feedback can be provided online. Anyone with questions can email [email protected] or phone 250.427.9660 for more information on the ATNP.