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Bears Sighted Across East Kootenay Communities

This week has been chock-full of bear sightings, with several reported in Fernie parks and neighbourhoods, at the Cranbrook Community Forest, and in Radium Hot Springs.

WildSafeBC Elk Valley is reporting sightings along Fernie’s Elk View Crescent and Slalom Drive, as well as at James White Park, Annex Park, and on local trail networks like Montane and the West Fernie Dike.

“When a bear gets food (garbage and apples) in your yard, it doesn’t know that your tolerance for bears is higher than your neighbours. It learns that a house, lawn, bicycle and the faint smell of people comes with an easy meal. It eats, learns and moves on,” said WildSafeBC Elk Valley, issuing the reminder and warning to the public. “Eventually it will find itself somewhere it is not welcome. And when bears and humans are in conflict, the bear dies nearly every time.”

WildSafeBC Elk Valley is reminding the public to clean up their fruit trees and keep their garbage indoors and inaccessible to bears between collection days.

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Meanwhile, the City of Cranbrook reported a black bear in the Community Forest near the junction of Juniper and Meander Trail on Tuesday.

As well, the Village of Radium Hot Springs has had a handful of black bear sightings as well, prompting reminders for the community.

“There has been more sightings of black bears within the village so please stay cautious and give them the space they need,” said the Radium Hot Springs Fire Department.

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