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New Academic Year Approaches at College of the Rockies

The College of the Rockies is preparing for the 2019/2020 school year with their Jumpstart and Community Showcase events as the official start of the semester is Tuesday, September 3rd.

Before Orientation Day, the College of the Rockies is are holding their second annual Jumpstart Day on Thursday, August 29th which will hopefully prepare students and set them up for success.

“It’s for new students just to get a feel of what college is like,” said Doris Silva, Director of Student Affairs at College of the Rockies. “We have two parts of the program, a morning program and a matching afternoon program with a lunch in the middle, and so students have been enrolling for those activities.”

Silva said the programs cover a wide array of topics and serve as an introduction to many attending College of the Rockies this fall.

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“We have seminars on things like studying smarter not harder, we have an exam ‘Now What’ and it introduces students to some of the college resources for student success, also ‘Show Me the Money’ talking about financial aid, and student abroad opportunities, so there’s a lot of interesting seminars.”

Silva told that they will also be holding Student Success Workshops throughout September, hour-long sessions over the lunch hour that talk about budgeting, time management, scholarships and bursaries, test-taking, among other information.

The start of the semester on Tuesday, September 3rd is also the second annual Community Showcase for College of the Rockies as local businesses and organizations will be on-site to what services or resources they have available to students in Cranbrook.

“Students attend College of the Rockies from across the East Kootenays, from across the country, and from abroad,” added Silva. “It is important to us that they not only feel a part of the College community but that they feel a part of the Cranbrook community as well.”

The Community Showcase will include numerous activities hosted by the College’s Student Life department, including archery tag, spike ball, ladder ball, corn hole, and a King of the Hill inflatable. A free barbecue is being hosted by David Walls, President of College of the Rockies for all students and staff, while a beer garden is also available to students that are of legal drinking age.

“Whether students taking part in these events are from outside of our region or are locals, these activities are aimed at creating lasting memories with a new peer group and to highlight how lucky we are to be located in the heart of the B.C. Rockies.”

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