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Virtual Town Hall exploring feasibility of low head dam across Koocanusa Reservoir

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Public concerns about low water levels at Koocanusa could eventually be resolved, as the B.C. Government is set to share their Koocanusa Weir Feasibility Study on Tuesday.

A Virtual Town Hall is being held by the Province over Zoom from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm MST to discuss the feasibility of a low head dam, the potential cost, benefits and impacts, and anything else related to building a weir across the Koocanusa Reservoir on the Canadian side.

Last week, the B.C. Government released a report, Lake Koocanusa: High Level Assessment of a Proposed Dam to explore the possibility of a weir.

“The report was commissioned by the Province in response to calls from some local residents to construct a weir across Koocanusa Reservoir, which spans the B.C.-Montana border south of Jaffray,” said the B.C. Government. “The suggestion came as a result of ongoing concerns about summer changes to Koocanusa water levels and their impact on recreation on the Canadian side of the reservoir.”

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Tuesday’s Virtual Town Hall is intended to seek feedback from the public and share the results of the study.

Preliminary figures peg the weir at costing as low at $80-million but could cost up to a maximum of $1.1-billion depending on the measures taken. Estimates for the project are most likely to fall around $400-million with annual operation and maintenance varying between $560,000 to $1.4-million.

Below is the full meeting details for the Town Hall.

  • Platform
    • Zoom
  • Date & Time
    • Tuesday, January 12, 2021
    • 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm (MT)
  • Zoom Link
  • Meeting ID
    • 646 2736 3110
  • Phone-in
    • 1-833-955-1088

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