Two renters and a homeowner were each issued $2,300 violation tickets over the weekend for not following COVID-19 restrictions.

Columbia Valley RCMP said they attended two parties occurring at rental homes in Windermere on Friday.

First arriving to party along Swansea Road, RCMP said eight people from different households were at the address. Just a few hours later, they responded to another party.

“Police officers attended and discovered approximately 15 individuals at the residence who allegedly were not from the same household,” said RCMP, as they responded to the Kootenay Street property around 10:45 pm.

Both renters were issued $2,300 fines for hosting a “non-compliant” event.

The following night, around 11:00 pm, RCMP got word of another party that occurred in Invermere. Responding to Invermere’s 10th Avenue, police discovered a birthday party at the home.

“Officers attended and spoke to the homeowner who indicated he was celebrating a birthday and had about ten guests,” said RCMP.

Columbia Valley RCMP handed the homeowner a $2,300 violation ticket for organizing or hosting the “non-compliant” event.

Under the Provincial Health Orders until February 5th, residents have been mandated to only gather with people from their own household.