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Kimberley Approves Light-Industrial Shop Complex

The City of Kimberley has approved a Development Variance Permit to allow for the construction of a 10-unit light-industrial shopping complex in Marysville.

The Development Variance Permit was approved at for 1180 – 303rd Street, subject to all necessary documentation for the two-phase construction.

Each building would share a common inner courtyard for vehicle shop access to the 10 units once constructed and once Building Permits have been approved by the City of Kimberley.

“Light Industrial Shop complexes has really been a bit of a void in Kimberley for quite some time,” Mayor Don McCormick told “This 10 units is going to present an opportunity for those small businesses that require a couple thousand square feet to be able to set up shop and do it in a manner that doesn’t require a whole lot of investment.”

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McCormick said construction is expected soon after the Building Permits are received and approved, noting that there was no direct opposition to the development and no concerns from City Administration.

“We didn’t receive any feedback from any of the neighbouring owners, its all pretty straight forward. The Variance Permit was really centred around setbacks and exactly how things were going to sit.”

With the 10-unit light-industrial shopping complex now moving forward, McCormick believes it will be an asset for both Kimberley and Cranbrook.

“The Kimberley-Cranbrook area is basically a unified business area,” said McCormick. “In other words, light industrial contractors that do business in Kimberley also do business in Cranbrook and being located down in Marysville, I think we’re only about 12 kilometres between the two city limits, so it’s an ideal location for somebody wanting to set up and service both of our communities.”

McCormick told that there has been high demand for light-industrial space in the past and that they only option before was to go elsewhere, but now they will have a couple of sites to service that need.

Map and location of the light-industrial shop complex in Marysville. (Supplied by City of Kimberley)
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