Canal Flats residents are invited to share their thoughts on the Age-Friendly Plan aimed at supporting older residents and the improving community as a whole.

The Village said the plan will help seniors stay socially active and engaged in the community, it also hopes it will be beneficial across age groups.

“It is designed to inform and poll the community and key stakeholders on how to support seniors aging in Canal Flats, and services that can support those seniors,” said Adrain Bergles, CAO of Canal Flats. “It is looked at through, as many of the things we do in Canal Flats, an economic development lens. We’re hoping that, by supporting the seniors, that can support our population moving forward.”

Bergles added that funding for the project comes from the B.C. Union of Municipalities to support the Council’s decision to look at keeping the aging population comfortable in the community.

“The survey should inform community members on some of the policies that exist in Canal Flats relating to senior support, while also bringing that lens to policy development moving forward, so we can support that demographic to age in place,” explained Bergles.

According to the Village, it anticipates hitting a population of 1,000 by 2026, and ensuring the community is attractive to all ages is important in fostering that growth.

The community is invited to share their thoughts at an online workshop on Wednesday, November 25th from 6:30 to 8 p.m.

Attendees are asked to RSVP in advance to help plan the session.

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