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Fernie offers tips to prevent frozen pipes

The weekend’s unseasonably cold temperatures have prompted the City of Fernie to remind its residents of the risk of frozen pipes.

The City said some of the city’s older water mains are buried at a more shallow depth, and could put them at risk of freezing.

It added that Fernie cannot protect the pipes if the frost penetrates the ground deeper than the pipe is buried, but residents can help.

One way to keep pipes from freezing is by installing a bleeder valve, which allows for a continuous flow of water that gets directed to the sewer line. Fernie recommends that bleeder valves should be turned on at the beginning of winter and shut off again in the spring.

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Residents can also leave their tap running with a continuous flow, which should be about the width of a pencil it smaller.

If your pipes become frozen, the City said it is important to call a plumber first, as it will not thaw out your pipes for you. As well, residents are asked not to use any chemical substances to try thawing pipes, as it could contaminate drinking water.

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