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2020 B.C. Election – Tom Shypitka declares victory in Kootenay East

After he was first elected in 2017, Liberal incumbent Tom Shypitka will hold onto his position in Kootenay East after declaring victory Saturday night in the 2020 B.C. Election.

While Shypitka will keep his seat in the B.C. Legislature, the Liberals appear to have lost a number of seats elsewhere in the province.

“I feel great, but I feel kind of like a hockey player that scored a hat-trick in a losing cause,” said Shypitka. “Although it was a great win here in Kootenay East, I’m concerned greatly on the direction of our Province.”

Shypitka has seen a large margin of support in Kootenay East, seeing just under 60% of the vote as all polls reported.

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“I’m grateful for the constituents of Kootenay East to give me that trust and give me that support, we won all the polls right through Kootenay East,” said Shypitka. “I’m going to work on that other 35% of the people and try to gain their trust for the next election, and hopefully we can get it to 70%.”

Shypitka won the election over NDP candidate Wayne Stetski, who had about 30% of the vote, and the Green’s Kerri Wall, with 10%.

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