Avery Dyer first place with 146 pounds $500.00 Triston Endicott with 110 pounds $250.00 and Scott Morrison with 108 pounds for $100.00. Well done.. and Hunter Ford wins the guess the weight at 64 pounds.

Comments below came from Top Crop’s Shannon Fisher leading into the official weigh in. Interviews below and photo’s under the audio.

Well, there is a lot to be grateful for today. We had such a fun day at work. Several staff commented on what a great day it was. When we gave out all the pumpkin seeds in March, we sort of forgot about the contest because the pandemic hit…. and then fall hit and we thought.. we need to do our contest. It isn’t as big, we can’t do alll the things we wanted to do, but yet it turned out to be the best day ever. Lots of pumpkins… lots of super kids, tons of pumpkins and so many giggles! The best people ever brought in pumpkins today and everyone was just happy. We heard several people just say… isn’t it lovely to do something normal.  But let me say… Wardner and Mayook gardens have some super soil!!! Wow!!! It’s been a tough growing year with weather… seriously everyone should be proud of whatever size pumpkin they got…I didn’t get one! And to all who want to do it again next year, or anyone who wants to join the pumpkin growing group, we have already ordered the seed directly from the Dill’s farm! So come see us tomorrow and then come get your seed in March 2021!! Thank you everyone for a great day! Can’t wait to hand out $900.00 in prizes tomorrow!!! Stay safe!

Interviews that aired live on 2day-FM

1st prize winner Avery Dyer ( Wardner )

2nd Triston Edicott ( Yahk )

3rd Scott Morrison ( Wardner / Mayook )


Fort Steele Mom and Daughter

Victoria and her Mom

Steve from Marysville and another pumpkin grower

Shannon Fisher from Top Crop start of weigh ins

Shannon Fisher Wraps