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PM not saying whether or not “Jihadi Jack” can come back to Canada, Prince Andrew denies Epstein sex crimes connection

PM not saying whether or not “Jihadi Jack” can come back to Canada

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau isn’t saying whether or not “Jihadi Jack” will be allowed back into Canada. Jack Letts is an accused ISIS fighter and dual Canadian-British citizen who just had his British citizenship revoked. Trudeau did tell reporters today the government is committed to prosecuting those who travel to support terrorist organizations.

Government granting Venezuelans passport exemption

The federal government has made a deal that will let Venezuelans with expired passports stay in Canada. The CBC is reporting the agreement is because of the ongoing bureaucratic struggles in the South American nation. That’s created situations where students on visas or permanent residents here haven’t been able to get updated papers.

Investigation underway into link between vaping, lung illnesses

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The U.S. Centers for Disease Control is looking into whether or not a group of lung illnesses can be traced back to vaping. There have been nearly 100 reports in 14 states, but with no evidence of infectious disease. The symptoms, found mostly in younger people, include fatigue, coughing, and shortness of breath.

Prince Andrew denies Epstein sex crimes connection

Prince Andrew is denying he took part in any of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged sex crimes. The millionaire, who killed himself in jail a little over a week ago, was facing sex-trafficking charges. The prince’s denial comes after a photo published by British media it said showed Andrew inside a mansion Epstein owned, waving goodbye to a woman. Epstein, a registered sex offender, socialized with many high-profile people.

Study suggests lower IQs for children whose mothers were exposed to higher fluoride

Mothers exposed to higher levels of fluoride in their tap water during pregnancy have children with lower IQs. That’s according to a new York University study. The study involved 512 mother-child pairs from across Canada. It was done as part of an effort to figure out if fluoride should be considered a neurotoxin.

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