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Interior Health developing COVID-19 case alert system for schools

Interior Health (IH) has confirmed a COVID-19 case in Castlegar’s Stanley Humphries Secondary School.

The individual who tested positive has since went into self isolation.

As of September 16, 2020, IH said a system to alert parents when and where new cases are found in schools is being set up. The system is not in place yet but IH said it could roll out as early as the morning of September 17.

“Unless something changes, it looks like we will be posting all school cases to our public website,” said Karl Hardt, Senior Communications Consultant, Media & Government Relations for IH. 

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According to Hardt the website will  likely not confirm details such as a positive case’s age, grade or which classroom they are taught in.

This is to protect the privacy of the individual.

However, Hardt said IH will publicize whether or not a positive case involved a staff member or a student.

Hardt added, “All the schools have safety plans and all the kids are cohorted. If there is a positive case the contact tracing should be easier for schools because everybody knows who’s hanging out with each other.” 

If a case of COVID-19 does pop up in a school, Hardt said dedicated team medical health officers will work directly with the school and its district to provide any support they need.

IH policies include:

  • If there is a positive COVID-19 case at a school, Interior Health will follow up directly with anyone who has potentially been exposed.
  • Parents of students who may be at risk of exposure will be contacted directly by IH public health.
  • If parents have not been contacted, it is because their child is not impacted.
  • IH will work closely with each school district to ensure parents have the accurate information they need.
  • If there is a broader risk to other students, families or the community, Interior Health will also issue a broader notice.


For non-school related public exposures of  COVID-19 cases, visit this link:


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