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Doug Clovechok seeking second term as MLA with the BC Liberals

The Columbia River-Revelstoke MLA is ready to rumble whenever the provincial election is called, should it be this year or in 2021.

“I’ve got a campaign manager all set up, I’ve got a financial agent, we’ve been raising some money and so whenever he (Premier John Horgan) decides that he wants to go, I’m ready for it.”

Clovechok said Premier Horgan hasn’t formally ruled out a fall election or a spring 2021 election. The BC NDP did sign a coalition agreement with the BC Greens to become the ruling minority government in B.C. back in 2017, but with a promise that a provincial election wouldn’t be called until fall 2021.

Not hearing that a 2020 election is formally off the table, Clovechok said he wanted to be prepared and ready to run again for the BC Liberals.

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“We are going to be running again. I’m incredibly excited, I’ve been honoured to be the MLA for Columbia River-Revelstoke for the last three years and we’ve accomplished a lot. When I say we, it’s my constituents and me, and we’ve accomplished a great deal together,” Clovechok told

Clovechok said he feels confident about seeking a second term as MLA.

“The feedback that I’ve been given from constituents, they’re very pleased with the work that we’ve done,” said Clovechok. “I think that that confidence is there and I certainly take nothing for granted and we’re going to work really really hard to maintain my job. I want them to rehire me and continue the great work.”

Doug Clovechok working in his constituency office in July 2020. (Supplied by Doug Clovechok)

Feeling that he’s been open, transparent, forthcoming, and honest, Clovechock is optimistic he can win again and be back to serve the constituents in Kimberley, Invermere, the rest of the Columbia Valley, Golden, and Revelstoke.

“I certainly am going to be running on my record. We’ve worked really hard, I remember in the last election when people said, well what are you going to promise us? I promised the people of Columbia River-Revelstoke two things. Number one, I would work my tail off for them, and number two, I wouldn’t lie to them and the rest we’d figure out together, and all of that has happened.”

Elected in the May 2017 election, Clovechok is currently the BC Liberal co-critic for Tourism, Arts and Culture, while also serving as the critic for Columbia Basin Trust, Columbia Power Corporation and the Columbia River Treaty. Clovechok was elected as the Deputy Chair of the Select Standing Finance and Government Services Committee and actively serves on the Select Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs.

Prior to winning his seat in the legislature, Clovechok was the President and CEO of the Calgary Educational Partnership Foundation, beginning his career as a high school teacher. Obtaining a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and Administration from the Gonzaga University Graduate School of Business, Clovechok worked in tourism operations and was an administrator with College of the Rockies.

“Doug Clovechok is known as one of the hardest-working, most effective MLAs in the Legislature and riding,” said Kimberley Mayor Don McCormick, who gave his endorsement of Clovechok for a second term. “He cares and fights for our region like nobody else, and that’s why he has my full support.”

Unsure of when the election may be called or what it may look like, given the COVID-19 pandemic, Clovechok said he’s excited for the opportunity to run once again.

“I enjoy campaigning, I enjoy getting out there and so whenever it comes I’m ready for it, but I think it’s really important that people also understand until that writ is dropped and the election is called, I’m still the MLA and we’re still out there working really hard.”

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