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Radium Boil Water Notice Remains in Effect

The Boil Water Notice issued by the Village of Radium Hot Springs on Tuesday will likely remain in effect until sometime next week.

The Village imposed the notice because of soaring turbidity levels linked to mechanical issues at its water treatment plant, as some levels in areas within the Village boundary are still three times what is acceptable.

Crews will be forced to flush water mains in Radium Hot Springs starting to clear out the turbid water, but those repairs will likely take days before completed. Until then, Village of Radium Hot Springs said the boil water notice will remain in effect.

Both Interior Health and the Village want everyone connected to the water supply to drink boiled water until further notice.

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Any water intended for washing fruits and vegetables, making beverages or ice, or even brushing one’s teeth should be boiled for at least a minute. Residents can also use bottled water, distilled water, or treated water through a filtering device as another safe alternative.

Here’s the full update from the Village of Radium Hot Springs:

Village of Radium Hot Springs Boil Water Notice Update (August 14, 2019)

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