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Canal Flats looking to borrow up to $950,000 for major sewer upgrades

The Village of Canal Flats has entered into an Alternative Approval Process (AAP) to borrow up to $950,000 for upgrades to the municipality’s Sewage Treatment Plant and replacement of their Sewer Lift Station.

As per the AAP, residents have until 4:30 pm on September 28, 2020, to oppose the proposed borrowing. At least 10 percent of the population needs to oppose the AAP – approximately 50 Canal Flats residents – in order to stop the borrowing, otherwise, it will proceed as planned. Those that approve of the borrowing don’t need to take any action.

According to the Village of Canal Flats, they were unsuccessful in securing federal and provincial grant funding to cover the replacement of the Sewer Lift Station, meaning they would have to self-fund the $700,000. The Village said the Lift Station was first constructed in the 1960s and is nearing its end of life after nearly 60 years of operation.

The municipality has yet to hear back about their federal and provincial grant applications for the upgrades to the Sewage Treatment Plant. However, if Canal Flats receives the grant, it would cover 73.33% of the total $913,000. That means, Canal Flats would be responsible for 26.77% of the costs for the Sewage Treatment Plant upgrades, which is just under $250,000. The Village said the Sewage Treatment Plant dates to the early 1980s and is in poor condition with visible rips in the liner and an old and ageing electrical system.

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“Solid sewer infrastructure is important as the Village looks to continue to serve its residents with top quality sewer service,” said the Village of Canal Flats.

Together, Canal Flats is looking to borrow $950,000 for the two projects. Projections from the Village of Canal Flats would see the cost of the borrowing distributed over the next 30 years.

The resulting cost to residents for the $700,000 Sewer Lift Station would be $0.54 per year per frontage foot. For the $250,000 Sewage Treatment Plant upgrades, the increase would be $0.18 per year over the 30-year term. Both costs would be calculated annually “per frontage foot for property owners in the sewer use area”.

Residents who are opposed to the borrowing must fill out an Electoral Response Form before September 28th, 2020.

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