Federal health officials are warning that COVID-19 could peak in the fall.

Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer said it is possible that there could be a resurgence of cases in the fall, especially during flu season.

Tam said the fate of what happens next season depends on what the public does now. She said everyone has a responsibility to continue to physically distance, limit time in closed spaces and follow the advice of health officials.

“Really the take-home message is that the fate is still within our hands and what we do now will influence the probability, if you like, of that fall peak,” said Tam.

Tam referred to a “slow burn” of the virus that could take us into January 2022. with peaks and valleys of infection until then.

In Friday’s modelling data,  people between 29 to 29 years old continue to have the highest amount of diagnoses. Tam noted an increase in infection rates is expected as the economy continues to reopen, and increased social interaction continues.