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Kimberley Approves Road Rehabilition Funding

The City of Kimberley has approved $314,860 for the 2019 Annual Road Rehabilitation Program that will include the paving of several local roads this summer.

“What this is is complementary to neighbourhoods that don’t require major repair other than new blacktop,” Don McCormick told “Truth be known, we’d like to be spending a lot more but this is what we can afford within the limitations of the budget.”

BA Blacktop was awarded the contract for the paving rehabilitation and will begin operations as soon as possible.

The $314,860 will be used on the following projects:

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  • Church Avenue (south section)
  • Kimbrook Crescent (north section)
  • Montgomery Avenue (between Stiles & Caldwell St.)
  • Banks Street (300 block)
  • St. Mary’s Avenue (between Ross and Mark St.)
  • Fernie Street (between 6th and 8th Ave.)
  • Victoria Avenue (between McKenzie and Chapman St.)

“Every year we allocate a certain amount of money for paving in the budget, it tends to be between $300,00 and $400,000 each year and it’s for doing paving where we don’t need to replace pipes underneath the road,” added McCormick.

“The one road repair on there that is really important is the one on Church Street because Church Street is where the Seniors Society is completing the affordable housing project and where we have Lions Manor. That road has been in a state of disrepair for some time and we’re really pleased to put new pavement down this summer.”

In the 2019-2023 Financial Plan, the City of Kimberley approved $366,000 for the 2019 Annual Road Rehabilitation Program, leaving the remaining $51,140 in the budget.

All of the road work allocated through the 2019 program is expected to be completed by the end of September.

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