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Deaths of B.C. fugitives classified as suicide; Funding for top political parties closer leading into this election

Police confirm beliefs that bodies found in Manitoba are Schmelgelsky and McLeod

It is official that the bodies found in northern Manitoba are those of Bryer Schmelgelsky and Kam Mcleod. The RCMP said the murder suspects died by suicide through gunfire. The remains were in an area of “dense brush” about a kilometre from where some items directly linked to the suspects had been discovered. The two were wanted in relation to three murders in B.C.

Liberals close gap in total campaign dollars raised

While the conservatives brag about raising more money than the Liberals, it is a lot closer than it was the last election. The 2018 numbers had the Conservatives just $3 million ahead, raising $24 million total. The Liberals cut the gap substantially after trailing the Conservatives by $8 million in 2014. Both parties are among the richest associations in the country.

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STI rates rising at an alarming rate in Canada

An infectious disease expert warned sexually active Canadians to start wearing condoms or risk becoming a statistic. CTV News spoke with the doctor, who added that the rates of STI’s in the country are on an alarming rise. He said it makes sense though, as Canadians aren’t using condoms as much as they should be.

Hong Kong protests turning into calls for democratic reform

Justin Trudeau is “extremely concerned” about the situation in Hong Kong. The Prime Minister said local authorities have to listen to the concerns of Chinese citizens. Protests have been going on in the territory for months in response to a proposed extradition bill. Demonstrations have since turned into calls for democratic reform.

Political parties buying website names related to one another

There is a domain name war going on between Canada’s top two political parties leading up to October’s federal election. Anyone visiting will be redirected to the Liberal Party’s website. Similarly, the Conservatives bought the rights to It brings users to the “top 100 #trudeaufails.”

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